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The Paradigm of a Broken Political System

With the vast majority of South Africa’s municipalities in dire financial straits, the impact of a corrupt political system that has seized absolute power is glaringly evident, resulting in communities in absolute despair – A recipe for anarchy! Are we headed for civil war? The senseless looting and anarchy that ripped through major cities in July this year is a testimony to the fragility of this corrupt, inept and self-serving political system that has manifested in broken municipal governance structures across the country.
If this political paradigm that has catapulted South Africa into a doom-loop of socio-economic implosion is not arrested, and soon, the apocalyptic result is inevitable…

The Paradigm Shift – Is there Hope?

YES there is! The shift to an alternative political system has begun on 1 November 2021.

Read the full article (from Page 12) of The Compassionate Confronter, the official publication of Hugenote Kollege’s School of Social Innovation and the Center of Good Governance in Africa:  TCC_Vol1_No2_December 2021


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