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Wetland in a Box™

Innovation at Work!

Introducing the innovative, proudly South African, scalable, modular Constructed Wetland (CW) – The Wetland in a Box™ (trademarked and patented) – A holistic solution to the current challenges associated with access to water (quality and quantity) in developing countries and beyond. CWs are engineered systems comprising of controllable functional (e.g. plant and microbial species/communities) and operational (hydrogeochemical) parameters that occur in natural wetland systems. The Wetland in a Box™ can be used to treat contaminants and pathogens from agricultural-, domestic-, municipal-, industrial-, and acid mine drainage waste systems.

As a UMPC partner, Environmental Engineering Programme (Pty) Ltd (ENPRO), have enabled us to feature the Wetland in a Box™ technology as part of the United Movement for Community Restitution (UMCR), in support of socio-economic development.

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